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Welcoming a baby into the world is quite magical. It's a very raw, emotional, powerful & amazing journey. The ability to reflect & remember your experience through story telling images is beyond special. The most anticipated introduction you’ll ever experience. YOUR FIRST HELLO.

As a woman, I understand, that you may be nervous to have a camera in that vulnerable space, but I like to think of myself as a fly on the wall, allowing you and your partner to be fully present and in the moment.
By having me there, you are ensuring that your husband/partner, friends and family are present in the moment and not trying to figure out camera and light settings!
Although it’s taken some time for people to warm to the idea of Birth Photography, and to having an extra person in the delivery room, once you’re in labour you won’t even notice i'm there!

My promise to you is to provide you and your family with amazing images that tell the story of your labour journey & baby's birth day.
I am committed to:
*Creating beautiful images that you will treasure for life.
*Respecting your privacy and confidentiality.
Working respectfully and collaboratively with other industry professionals such as medical facilities and birth workers (doulas, midwives, doctors etc).

With the unpredictability of a baby's arrival
There are a few things I will need :
I would need to pencil in your due date and make sure I take no other major bookings around that time (I'd hate to be in the middle of a wedding or newborn session and get the call that you are in labour) .. It is important that you keep me in the loop as to how your feeling .. What your midwives are saying & any little niggles you may experience as your date gets closer.

Investment: All-inclusive price | 2450
(includes up to 10 hrs at the birthing location)

Which covers & includes:
*A casual meeting during your pregnancy, usually at my studio or a coffee-shop, to get to know each other before the birth. I want to make sure you are completely comfortable with me being present at such a personal and important time in your life. We will talk about what your hopes are for your baby's birth, whether there is anything specific you would love for me to capture, or anything you would like for me to leave out when documenting your labour and birth experience. We will also go over every scenario that might happen so you know what to expect.
I will be on call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks, or earlier if the doctors and midwives are expecting you to go into labour earlier than that & up to 14 days after your due date.
*Your entire labour journey until your first hello and roughly 1-2 hours after that.
*Approx 200-300 high resolution images on USB documenting your entire birth story. The number of exact images depends on the length of your labour, but you will receive at least 200 images and likely many MANY more than that.
* A slideshow of images put to music
(All images will be delivered in BLACK & WHITE)

*A complimentary mini maternity session {1/2hr} at a location of your choice

*The option to a 50% discount off my studio newborn session fee (usually $150) photography sessions (professional print products & collections can be purchased separately)
(If you choose to not take up the complimentary mini session or discount voucher the price still remains the same)

Scheduled c-section | 500
(I am unfortunately not aloud into the theatre during the actual procedure so we will capture the before & after once out of recovery etc)

*Secure due date - non refundable deposit of $500 required upon booking
(non-refundable as i will be turning away business to ensure i am available for your due date window)

**Full balance payable 1 month prior to due date)

Some common questions:
Q. When should we book?
A. As soon as possible, and preferably before 28 weeks so arrangements can be made to be on-call for the 2 weeks prior to your due date.

Q. Will my "business end” be captured?
A. Your images can be as graphic as you wish, crowning photographs are only taken upon request.

Q. Will you post the photographs on the internet?
A. Nothing will posted on social media, the internet, or on display in the studio without prior consent.

Q. When will we call you?
A. It is extremely important that we keep in touch & you let me know once you're getting contractions and your labour has commenced.
The coverage of your birth will be discussed at your prenatal meeting.
Some parents like full coverage of labour, delivery, and up to 1-2hrs post delivery (time for images of baby being weighed & other family members/older siblings meeting the newest addition).
Others only like me to be there once active labour has commenced
(roughly 5 cm), this is when I would make my way to the birth location.

Q. How long will you stay?
A. As each birth is different and impossible to predict, this is a difficult question to answer. Our Birth packages cover up to 10hrs at the birthing location. If you have an exceedingly long labour, additional hours will be charged separately.

Q. What if I have an emergency cesarean section?
A. I am not allowed access to the operating room, but rest assured that there is still ample opportunity for capturing those first fresh moments

Q. What if you miss our birth?
A. Whilst every arrangement is made to make myself available, there is a chance given the nature of child birth that i may miss the birth. If this should occur, and I am at fault. I will attend your birth location at the first opportunity to capture a “First 48” session free of charge. Your birth deposit fee will be fully refunded.
If i miss the birth due to an extremely fast delivery or if you have not called in time, there is no refund, but you may wish to use your credit towards a newborn session at my studio (within the first 4 weeks)

Payment types?
I have PAYMENT PLANS available for larger collections & credit card facilities in the studio, alternatively cash, direct bank deposit & PAYPAL are accepted

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